16e42-dreamsDreaming has always been a big part of me. I remember my mom telling me “Aurelie, stop dreaming!”

Even when I was older, like in my 20s, she’s kept telling me I needed to stop dreaming.

But I wouldn’t, I didn’t want to. Ever. And I never did.

I had many dreams, like playing soccer in the big league, meet my favourite singer, work in the movie industry, etc.

The biggest dream I ever had was living in L.A. for at least a year.

But those weren’t only dreams. I was determined to make them happen!

But how the heck a 15 year old from a small town in Belgium was supposed to make it and be able to go live on the other side of earth?

Well, as it happened, I did it, I found a way.

I worked my butt of, saved every euro I could and offered myself a year in the city of Angels.

Here is a small picture with some of the places I’ve seen :


Now, years later, of all the dreams I ever had when I was a kid, there’s only one left to accomplish: writing a book.

It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Happy because it means I made nearly all my dreams have come true.

Sad because I’m wondering “what now”?

And I really want to make that one happen now.

But I also have new dreams:

  • transforming my body into an athletic physique,
  • helping people make their dreams come true,
  • help kids find their way,
  • help other women feel better in their body,
  • be a fitness model,
  • live in a place where it’s sunny 10 months per year.

But all those won’t matter as much if I don’t bring myself to write my book.

That story has been lying inside of me for the past 14-15 years, and I never took the time to explore it, let alone put it on paper.

I wanna do that now.


What are YOUR dreams ?

What are the ones you made come true ?

What are the ones you”‘ve been chasing for a while ?

What’s your next dream to make happen ?

Don’t ever stop dreaming.

Those dreams are like fuel for your car.

Without them, you won’t go anywhere.

And most importantly : never stop chasing your dreams.


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