My pregnancy changed my life, or how I rediscovered my body (part 1)

Yes, it really changed my life. It changed how I see the world, myself, my body, my strengths and my capacities.

During that pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight. I relived my teen, fast speed: mood swings, blues, feeling the need to eat all the time, etc. I went from 56 kg to 81 kg. In total, I gained 24 kg, and my baby weighted only 2.640 kg at birth. So all the fat was for me. And I put it all where a woman doesn’t want it : in my thights and my butt.

During many long months, I hated my body. I was mad at him for pushing me to eat, I was mad at him for stocking all that fat. I felt betrayed by my own body. And I was feeling helpless fighting against it. So I forced myself to be patient.

On May 26 2015, I started having contractions around 1 am. I started with a weird feeling in my back. At 7 am, I was having contractions every 5 min. I went to the hospital around 9am, they sent me home: my uterus wasn’t open enough.

At 4 pm, I was still having contractions every 5 min. I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I went back to the hospital and asked them to take me and help me with the pain. They put me in a delivery room where I got in a hot bath to speed things up.

I delivered my baby girl à 00:06 am on May 27 2015. Everything went smoothly and it was pretty fast for a 1st pregnancy.

Before I went back home, I was already thinking about all the kilos I wanted to lose. I had already waited for months in that body that wasn’t me, I couldn’t wait any longer…


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