The purpose of life

Some days, I really wonder what the purpose of this life is. Seriously. Why are we on earth?
This question has been asked a lot. By philosophers, by scientists, by humanists, by writers, etc.

I asked myself that very same question.

Growing up, I loved my life and didn’t think much about a “purpose”. And then, hitting my teen years, I used to think that life was better outside of school, when no one could tell you what you could or could not do.

I was so dead wrong! Life isn’t easier after 18 or 25. Some days, you love your job and it’s the best feeling in the world. You feel useful and productive. You have a purpose. Other days, you feel useless. You hate your job and all you wanna do is curl up in bed and sleep for ever.

But then… you realize that you still have dreams you want to accomplish. And you wonder “what am I waiting for”?

Know that feeling?

That’s a sign you can’t ignore. It’s the sign that you need to change your life, or at least give it a shot. That’s THE sign. Right there in front of you. You’ve been waiting for that sign. Don’t wait anymore.

Now, you will pick yourself up. Think long and hard about what your biggest dream is. And put everything else aside, while you go and make it happen.

That, my dear, is the purpose of life.


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