Keeping up with the Kardashians…literally.

Keeping-Up-With-The-Kardashians-Season-11Who doesn’t know about this famous family of a mom, 5 sisters and a brother?

I didn’t until only a couple of years ago. But since then, I’ve been watching their show, and their social media. And what I have discovered has opened my eyes on how the world (and money) works.

I used to think that life was all about going to school, getting a degree then getting a job, buying a house, having a family and raising your kids while finding ways (simple and cheap) to enjoy yourself.

I used to believe that things come easy to some because they’re just gifted or good at it, or just because they have fun doing it.


What I learned, by watching that family, is that things NEVER come easy, not what’s worth it at least. They work HARD to be where they’re at right now, and it’s a DAILY competition to stay on top of their game, keep the attention of the public, keep signing deals, make money, be sponsored, etc.

Yes they had money in the first place, with their father being a famous lawyer.

But if you take a closer look at their home in the 1st season of KUWTK, you’ll see they’re just like any other Californian home.

What they managed to do, on the other hand, what they created since then, for me is just absolutely fabulous and an inspiration.

They had no notoriety, no nothing.

And they turned it into a multi-million business. They don’t even sell a thing !

They sold themselves. They sold who they are and how they interact with each other. And they drew millions of fans around the world.

Who wouldn’t dream of leading their life ? I did. But only for a second.


Well maybe a minute. But not more.

Because when you think about it, think really hard, and look deep, here’s what you see:

  • they get very few hours of sleep
  • they work pretty much 20 hours a day
  • they are followed everywhere they go
  • they have to watch everything they do, they can’t even pick their nose without it being reported online

And yet, we think we know them. We think we know everything about them.

Once again DEAD WRONG.

They show us EXACTLY what they want us to see, how they want to appear.

And that is pure marketing at its core. It’s fabulous marketing: creating a product to suit needs people didn’t even know they had.


Each of the sister has her own label : Kim is the sexy one, Khloe is the funny brutally honest sister and Kourtney is the eco-mother. Kendall is the model everyone wants to be and Kylie… well I have yet to find her label (maybe I’d say she’s the rebel).

Each of them is a character of our favorite book. Each of them has something we would dream of having (who wouldn’t want to be on the cover of a magazine or having a cosmetic line or walking down the runway?).

And all of them together are the perfect family: they always support and help each other, even when they’re fighting they end up in each others’ arms.

They created something that can touch everyone in this planet, something based on core values: family, support, love, dreams, just to name a few.

And THAT is why they have so much right now. THAT is how to make money: a TON of hard work, a “product” that can attract millions of people and can be used in every possible way (extend the brand), an omnipresence everywhere (media, social media, brands, stores, etc.) and ultimately dedicate their WHOLE LIFE to that ONE goal: get know, get talked about, get deals and make money.


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