Dare to dream BIG

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been “a soccer girl“. I lived to play, to run down the field, get the ball and pass it to my teammates to help our team win the game. But as I grew older, I lost touch with my passion. It was less and less about soccer. Until I got pregnant.

When I got pregnant with my baby girl (who’s now 13 months old), I stopped doing sports, except some biking at home while watching TV. That resulted in a gain of more than 50 lbs (24 kg) during my pregnancy. I was feeling so bad. Luckily I lost it all, but I still was feeling a bit down, feeling like I couldn’t reach any goals I set myself.

But recently, I had the chance to meet a therapist who’s using hypnosis as a tool to help patient. I went to see her because I was hoping she would help me understand why I can’t seem to achieve any goals.

And she made me realize those goals weren’t really mine to begin with. I’m not a fitness model nor do I want to be. That’s not who I am. I can’t just work out and eat to achieve a goal body.

Who I am is still a soccer player who dreamed of playing for her country. But I’m 31 today, and I’ve stopped playing soccer 4 years ago.

Still, in just a second, I made the decision to go back and reach the top for good. I’ve never played in the top league, but was always told that I could if only…

Now I want to transform that “if only” and I will !

So I started working out to get back in shape. I started to go running twice a week, lifting weights twice a week, doing plyometrics also twice a week.

I want strength, speed, agility and endurance. I want to reach the same level of fitness than US soccer players like Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan.

And I’ve set myself an impossible goal to achieve : to be called to play with my country for the next women’s soccer world cup in 2019 in France.

Can I do the impossible ? Is it true that if there’s a will, there’s a way ?

I’ll let you guys know as I keep working to make my dream come true.



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