I’m about to make a dream come true

This has been a dream of mine for more than a decade now. That’s a very long time when you’re only 31 years old. It’s like more than a third of my life.

The thing with this dream is that I had already made it come true, but I had stopped along the way. With that kind of dreams, you have to live it fully every single day and keep working on keeping it in your life. I didn’t for a very long time. Not anymore.

What’s that dream ?

It’s very simple and easy, yet I didn’t keep it in my life until now.

My dream is to have my very own white piano in my house and to learn how to play it as beautifully as I possibly can.

This is about to happen (again) !

Last week, after a sad story involving me wanting to buy boyfriend a surprised new huge flat screen and breaking it the very same day, I felt so heartbroken. Things ended well (considering) as I could recover part of what I paid for the flat screen, but boyfriend didn’t want me to get him another one.

So, I started thinking really hard about what I could do with all the money I had saved for him.

That’s when the idea came : what if I could make a dream of mine come true again ?

I wanted to wait because of the broken TV thing. But then I wondered why wait ? We’re nearly in September, when the classes start again for another school year. So if I choose to wait, I’d have to wait another full year. It got me really thinking.

Setting fear aside, I just went for it so last weekend boyfriend and  I ordered this absolute beauty


I’ll be able to (finally) play again, and learn and practice, and just calm myself without having anyone complaining at how loud I play. That’s the beauty of this, I can play with a headset so it’s silent for everyone around while I can listen to myself playing. Or I can play out loud when I’m on my own.

This has been such a big dream of mine since I was a teenager.

I used to play piano at my parents house, but they would complain that I played too loud. This would really turn me down and ultimately I stopped playing. I was so sad, but now I will play again. And even if I’m only starting, I don’t care. I’ll learn twice as fast as the 6 year old’s.

I guess the message I’m trying to send here is that you should never give up on your biggest dreams. Sooner or later, opportunity might arise and make that dream come true. But if you give up, you might never see that opportunity and end up living full of regrets for not daring.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter where you are now.

What matters is that it’s your dream and that you’re gonna do everything you can to make it happen. And you will.Believe it !


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