What to do when you other half is away?

Life can be rough sometimes, and it can happen that you or you other half have to leave for a few days and you’ll be left on your own. Here are a few tips to not mope in your sorrow.

  • prepare in advance for the time you’ll be alone : list at least 10 activities you didn’t have time to do that you can conquer now
  • keep busy, it’ll help you stay focused and productive while preventing you from overthinking and feeling lonely
  • arrange to meet with some girl friends or with you family for some quality time
  • get a great book to read in a hot long bath
  • stay connected with Messenger, Skype or FaceTime, there’s not better way to still feel together
  • watch a comedy on TV
  • put on loud happy music and dance it all until you fall asleep fully clothed
  • go for a massage or another treat

The goal is to see those few days as a way to take care of no one but yourself, so that when you man comes back you can take care of the both of you.

Do you have any other tips ?


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