Dare to dream BIG

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been “a soccer girl“. I lived to play, to run down the field, get the ball and pass it to my teammates to help our team win the game. But as I grew older, I lost touch with my passion. It was less and less about soccer. Until I got pregnant.

When I got pregnant with my baby girl (who’s now 13 months old), I stopped doing sports, except some biking at home while watching TV. That resulted in a gain of more than 50 lbs (24 kg) during my pregnancy. I was feeling so bad. Luckily I lost it all, but I still was feeling a bit down, feeling like I couldn’t reach any goals I set myself.

But recently, I had the chance to meet a therapist who’s using hypnosis as a tool to help patient. I went to see her because I was hoping she would help me understand why I can’t seem to achieve any goals.

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Keeping up with the Kardashians…literally.

Keeping-Up-With-The-Kardashians-Season-11Who doesn’t know about this famous family of a mom, 5 sisters and a brother?

I didn’t until only a couple of years ago. But since then, I’ve been watching their show, and their social media. And what I have discovered has opened my eyes on how the world (and money) works.

I used to think that life was all about going to school, getting a degree then getting a job, buying a house, having a family and raising your kids while finding ways (simple and cheap) to enjoy yourself.

I used to believe that things come easy to some because they’re just gifted or good at it, or just because they have fun doing it.


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Today, I wanted to talk to you about relationships. Because it’s important to me, and it’s plays a major role in our lives.

A lot of us girls dream of meeting our soul mate, our perfect match, and have an happily ever after.

Truth is our soul mate will challenge us. He will force us to get out of our comfort zone. The happily ever after won’t be happy all the time. And that’s okay, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

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